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2023... What a year!

Since Covid, my favorite time of the year is from the Christmas Holidays until the kids go back to school. During this period, I take the time to slow down, reflect on the previous year, and prepare for the new one.

I won't deny that this year has been extremely challenging in my personal life. Raising a teenager in this digital world is daunting and tough, often leaving me feeling scared and overwhelmed.

However, when I retreat to my studio to create or spend time in nature, picking branches and leaves during my walks, I find solace and fulfillment in doing what I love. It is both healing and rewarding.

2023 taught me the importance of calmness, composure, and grace.

We finished renovating our home.

Created mood boards for the photoshoot of our New Collection.

Despite the chaos of house renovations, I found the courage to photoshoot the New Collection myself.

Visited Zug, Istanbul, and London, reconnecting with old friends and family.

A trip to Como revealed a breathtaking place, yet I yearn for a peaceful holiday destination.

Sadly, our furry friend developed epilepsy.

On a brighter note, I allowed myself to explore and play with clay.

Made custom 'Thank you' cards for a dream customer.

Started growing flowers in Plukweide - a dream came true.

Grateful that I found the motivation to work out and maintained discipline even on unmotivated days.

The highlight of 2023 was kayaking.

Exploring new markets.

Honored to be featured in Flow, Groei en Bloei, and Landidee magazines.

The Botanical minis, thank you for your support!

Proud participant of the VT Wonen Design Fair.

Above all, I remind myself that I am enough and I am strong.

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