Zizi Celik is a Netherlands-based, self-taught artist and florist who has been working in the ‘world of flowers’ for many years. She has had the privilege to work with the most beautiful flowers as a florist and while observing her flowers, she was inspired to give them another lasting life by means of printing.


All her floral prints are handmade, using fresh flowers. Every flower is beautiful yet different. Some flowers are very delicate, some are light and some are airy whereas some are rough, hard and prickly. Zizi Celik’s unique prints create and express a magical reflection of the true beauty the flower itself.


Zizi Celik uses the monoprint technique to create her unique prints. She keeps her colour choices to only 5 and by mixing, she achieves the distinct colours on her prints. Her technique has been influenced by a number of art courses she has attended over the years such as the ones given by Dutch artists Peet Quintus and Jacomijn den Engelsen.

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